Liposuction Wrap and Apple Cider Gummies Combo

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Liposuction wrap and Apple Cider Gummies Combo



Liposuction wrap and Apple Cider Gummies Combo

This Combo is a combination of 1 unit of the GETFIT Liposuction Wrap and 1 unit of Apple Cider Gummies

GetFit Apple Cider Gummies
    • Supports healthy food digestion
    • It aids in detoxification
    • Strengthens your gut health
    • Supports healthy energy levels
    • Reduce bloating.
    • It improves the immune system
    • Enhances skin glow
    • Relieves heartburn

Getfit Liposuction Wrap is perfect to help you get your desired shape. It can make you lose up to 5-7 inches instantly and make you fit into your desired cloth. It is invisible under fitted clothes. It offers very adjustable compression because you can adjust how snatched you want to be. The Liposuction wrap is one size fits all which means it can be worn by anyone.

It covers the upper, middle, and lower stomach fat and has no steel bone or big hooks.

Ideal for brides to be, that desire to snatch their waist to achieve their dream wedding look! 

And also for men & women who want to snatch instantly.




  1. Instant waist snatching
  2. Waist Trimming
  3. Invisible under fitted cloths
  4. Maintaining/Curve Enhancement
  5. Eliminate Postpartum Belly
  6. Belly Compression & Bloated Tummy Elimination
  7. Body Shaping


It’s great for when you want to dive into your waist training workouts even faster. Just wrap around and go.

This Liposuction wrap has steps Velcro snatching to enhance the compression around your tummy and helps give you your desired shape. to enhance the compression around your tummy.

The liposuction wrap is very comfortable and of top quality and does not fold


Regardless of how big or small your body size is, we've got you covered, the Liposuction wrap is a one size fits all which means that no matter your size whether small or extra large,it will fit you and it is unisex as both men and women can use it.

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