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Lose Belly Fat And Feel Great - A Tested And Trusted Remedy

Maximum result guaranteed. 

Proven to have worked for thousands of happy customers nationwide.

Getfit Waist Trimmer Are Specially Made For:

  • Slay Queens who want to cinch their waist & get curvy
  • New mums who what to eliminate their postpartum belly/bloated tummy
  • Elimination of Belly Fat/Bloated Tummy

Become a Getfit queen now and keep slaying


Suitable to Cinch your Waist & Burn Fat as a whole from Your Upper Chest Down To Your Waistline

Suitable to Focus on any part of your Waistline, Cinch Your Waist & Burn Fat, Top to Buttom

Like every other Waist Trimmer Slim Waist Band comes with Belly Suction Efects & Suitable to Focus & Cinch Waistline



How do I know my size

To get your belly size measure a little above your belly button with a tape rule

How does getfit works ??

Getfit help burns belly fat & cinch your waist completely with consistency in the use of the product, has 00 side effect and can make you lose between 2 – 6 inches.

It Increases Sauna effect during physical activities.

Increases belly vacuum effect that sucks up your belly and provides firm back support while it sinches your waistline

  • It attacks the lowest belly fat above the pubic bone region
  • Getfit Waist Trimmer is Ideal for falling/dropping belly fat, Enhanced by Improved thermogenic material

Can I wear your products underneath my dress?

Yes please, you can. Waist trimmer, Slim waistband and Ruby can be worn underneath T-shirts, Shift dresses, Suit etc conveniently but are visible underneath fitted dresses. Whereas Belly Eraser and 3 straps Ruby can be worn underneath fitted dresses as they both detachable straps

Please Note: It’s advisable to wear a tank top or camisole first before wrapping your Getfit product if you have sensitive skin.

For how long do I need to wear my Getfit to see results?

You will start to see visible results from 2 weeks with consistency and very visible results from 4 weeks

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