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 Can I put my waist trainer in the washing machine?

 Can I put my waist trainer in the washing machine?

This is a big no, Please do not put your waist trainer in a washing machine as this will damage and break the flexible steel bones and latex materials in your waist trainer.

The best way to clean your waist trainer is to:

  • Get a clean towel and warm soapy water. 
  • Dip your clean towel into the warm soapy water (do not use cold water). 
  • Use the towel to clean off stains properly in one direction. 
  • After proper cleaning, take a dry clean towel to remove water completely from the waist trainer. 
  • After which you put the belt in a cool place to dry up. 

Please do not wash your waist trainer in a washing machine! We repeat: never ever wash your waist trainer in the washer! It can break up the flexible bones, which are critical to waist training, as well as cause the latex to shrink.

Do not dry your waist trainer under direct sunlight, as this could also discolour the garment.

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